Fashion for swimmers: Special swimming caps with earflaps for team sports

One of the biggest injury concerns for water polo is hard to imagine. The ears of the athletes are extremely vulnerable. The athletes protect themselves from this, with special bathing caps with ear protection – these have the advantage that they not only prevent injuries, but can also help with health problems.

Swimming caps with ear protection in order to prevent injuries

Classically, there are special bathing caps with earflaps in team sports, but not in individual sports are used. The background is simple and is taking the example of the game water polo explains: On the one hand there is a game device. If the ball is flying at full speed against the ear of a player, then this is very painful for the athlete without special protection. On the other hand it also comes in team sports but to direct human contacts between athletes, which can lead to unintentional injuries: A poorly executed throw can be a shock.

For this reason, water polo often also carry dental and genital protection. An ear protection of bathing caps should respond to this request and be particularly padded. But he still has more to : For especially vulnerable are also the eardrums. Who has never played water polo, which has no idea what noise it makes when a ball or a body strikes directly next to your ear in the water. For this load is not too great a challenge for the eardrums, ear protection must also act as a noise barrier.

Health aspects of swimming caps with earflaps

The ear protection redeemed for sports teams automatically, certain health problems: Any athlete who is active in the water, gets much of the liquid in his ear and is therefore at risk of suffering from a middle ear infection. Through the ear protection, this problem is solved. Another problem is the Auskühlungseffekt that a swimming cap total fights: Anyone who has been in the pool for a while and has not held his head under water , which will be noticed that the face and ears are particularly cold, resulting in a health risk is created.